Replaying sessions

When Meticulous records sessions, it also captures network data. When we replay a session, Meticulous's default behaviour is to automatically mock out all network calls.

Install Meticulous and grab the API token from your project page on Meticulous. You can replay sessions against any url. This could be a preview url, a production url or localhost. We will replay against localhost in this guide.

  • You can now replay a recorded session.
    • Start a local dev server of your app (e.g. npm run dev) such that your web app is being served on localhost.
    • Go onto your dashboard on Meticulous and choose a session to replay. Note the session id.
    • Start a local replay using the following command
  • This will start a local browser in Puppeteer and replay the session.
  • The replay should now appear on your Meticulous dashboard. You can watch a video playback here.

When the replay completes, it will print out many different file paths' where you can access data such as: what network requests were made, the snapshot dom sequence and what exceptions were thrown. You can use this data to build out a powerful testing system. E.g. if you wanted to build a system to test for js exception regressions, you could replay on a head commit and base commit, and diff exception data from the two.

You can always reach out to Gabe (Gabe@) to pair on setting up a replay testing system using Meticulous.