Recording sessions

You must first sign up at app.meticulous.ai and install the Meticulous CLI, see instructions for installing the CLI here Install Meticulous.

After installing Meticulous, you can start recording sessions. You can watch a 60-second demo of how to create a recording here, and instructions are below.

  • First grab the API token from your project page on Meticulous. It will look something like this:
Document image
  • You can then start recording with Meticulous by running the following command:
  • This will open up a web browser with a blank page. You can now navigate to the site which you want to record a session on. This could be your production URL, or localhost.
  • Your interactions with the site will be recorded. Go through the flow that you wish to record, like signing up.
  • Navigate back to your terminal and you will see that a link has been printed out. That link is the session recording on the Meticulous dashboard where you can watch a video playback.
  • Once you are finished, just close the tab and exit the command.
  • You can record a session up to five minutes in length - please let us know if you require a longer recording time.

Once you find the session on your Meticulous dashboard, it will look something like this:

Document image

Optional: Setting up the Meticulous JavaScript snippet.

If you want to record a larger pool of sessions automatically then you can inject the Meticulous snippet onto your site. Customers' normally do this on non-production environments (staging, development and local).

To get the snippet go to your project page and copy the JavaScript snippet at the bottom of the page. It will look something like this:

Document image

Record a session in your local dev environment and check that it appears on the Meticulous app. It may take a few minutes before it appears.

Example for an app using create-react-app

Updated 01 Apr 2022
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